What is Trichotherapy?  Treating the hair and scalp to reduce hair loss and hair breakage.

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Philip Kingsley has been called the ‘Hair Guru’ by the New York Times, the ‘Hair Wizard’ by Vogue,and the ‘Hair Doctor’ by The Sunday Times. His products have bridged the gap between science and hairdressing.

His products help women to get the best out of their hair from the inside – out, encouraging healthy hair growth.

Philip Kingsley Products are a holistic approach to hair care along with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

A three-piece Trichotherapy kit contains a daily regime:

  1. TRICOPRO A  volumizing protein spray with a hair density formula
  2. TRICHO 7  A  volumizing hair and scalp treatment
  3. TRICHO COMPLEX A hair nutrition formula

You should start to see results in approximately 6 weeks.


Nutrition and Lifestyle Advice

Nutrition: eat protein/take iron/snack on complex carbohydrates/do not skip meals

Lifestyle:  lower your stress/exercise your body and mind/get yearly medical and blood work done