Love of color that creates a play with light and form activates pieces of hair in a style with the illusion of movement created as an Art form. Thinking outside of the box, filling one with joy and confidence.  One can be edgy, but chic and stylish.

Nature itself is inspiring, the wonder of the ocean is a natural beauty with much fluidity of color is a constant and never ending inspiration for a colorist.


The Desert Oasis. An inspiration for the Desert Bloom of hair color and style to create a beautiful BOHO style with braids, and bold fringes combined with texture and soft curls.  The raw and weathered look, natural and windswept look are natural but refined.

Precious Metals. Are the modern accessory. Bun cuffs can double as bracelets paired with beautiful crystal hair pins.  Silver, gold and rose gold accents enhance every hairstyle.
Earthy metallic hair colors are also very trendy at the moment creating an oasis of tones.

Reds.  Reds are choosing to make a statement!  Today the red look is about fluidity and harmonizing. Ravishing tones of auburn, ginger, copper, magenta and scarlet are a lifestyle.

What’s your palette?  A warm copper palette or cool violet base. Your eye color and skin undertones, are they yellow or blue?

The beauty of fall and its colors. Trending with styles from the ultra-feminine to bold and brash, fall hair color is endless.  Significant diversity in looks with no theme. Today’s look is suited to one’s own personal essential look.


Parting.  A strong side part displays strength in a look. A deep side part is flattering on anyone and is versatile for all looks.


The 80’s.  They are BACK. Big hair with attitude.  Glamour meets messy but looks fresh.

Body Waves.   The beach wave looks created with certain patterns and rods in the hair.
Dry cutting the hair enhances the textured look.

Classic bob style


The BOB  Square sideburns and heavy fringe have ‘The Beatles’ look; soft smooth and structured; sassy, clean and classy. The Classic Bob is timeless and priceless.

Beauty today is all about individuality.

Creating your HAIRONALITY.