Spring Styles are soft and sassy.  May flowers may brighten our day but May makes hair transitions in style and hair color.

Elevated Ballerina  elevated ballerina
Make two ponytails at the crown and middle of the head.  Twist the ponytails around both bases counter-clockwise and secure with bobby pins.





Natural glam
The high ponytail.  A workout worthy style.  Spray thickening hair product at the root and brush the hair up toward the back of the crown.  Secure the ponytail with 2 elastics, one on top of the other, to create volume.  Flat iron the ponytail.  Hide the elastic and finish with hair spray.




the BardotThe Bardot
The iconic beehive.  Long hair is styled in a conical shape on the top of the head and slightly backward pointing resembling a beehive.





blonde wavy hairThe Surfer  
Inspired by the sea and being in the sun with a sexy look is created with beach waves on medium to long hair.






The Lob  versatile lob
It is versatile and can be worn sleek, curly, wavy, messy or any texture in between.  The lob haircut grows out well.