Today’s hair parts add an updated look to your style.  winter blonde balayage

Off center parts are the best look overall, very soft and subtle.  Middle parts evenly divide the face but can be rather harsh.  Zigzag parts redistribute the hair in a way that can create a different look and even camouflage a needed root touch up. A low above the ear part distribution creates a heavier look. A diagonal part creates a softer hairline.

So, What is the best hair part for your face shape?

For a round face, part your hair down the middle or do a deep side part.  Both of these parts will give the illusion of length and create symmetry around your face. Also, never add too many layers to a round face. Short styles work best for a round face.

A square face is best with a side part with a fringe which will soften a square face but never make the part too deep.

An oval face is ideal and as a woman can wear any part as and they will rock everyone.

A heart-shaped face looks great with a deep side part which breaks up the chin line and softens the chin line.

The diamond shaped face should stay with side parts but never a short fringe. The side part compliments a strong cheekbone and bone structure. Shorter hairstyles are recommended.

An oblong face is perfect for a middle part which adds the illusion of roundness.  A fringe works well which helps to shorten the long face. Many layers in your haircut will bring out your cheekbones and strong jawline.